PHPNW11 Blind Bird Tickets Closing Soon

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 - 12:26

As of Sunday night, the call for papers for PHPNW11 is now closed, so this week the PHPNW team will be sorting out who will be speaking at the conference. Once they have done so (which is expected to be before the end of the week) they will announce the speakers and the blind bird tickets will be withdrawn! According to the PHPNW11 blog they had a 50% increase in paper submissions from PHPNW10, which means there will be an excellent range of talks on offer, but also a lot of papers to review before deciding on the schedule.

So if you want to get in the bargain price of £75 for a fantastic two day conference then you had better get your tickets as soon as you can. After this week the early bird tickets will be released and the price will increase. You can get your tickets on the tickets page on the PHPNW11 conference site.

Even if you do miss out then the full ticket prices will not exceed £100, which is excellent value considering you get two days of conference with meals (and drinks) included.

I have volunteered to help out at the conference this year, so you should be able to see me at the conference wearing one of the fetching conference t-shirts. The organisers are looking for more volunteers so if you want to help out then get in touch with them via and offer your time.

There is also an additional tutorial day that will include sessions on Drupal Performance and Tools and Web Services and will cost £330. This price includes a full conference ticket.

UPDATE: Apparently the blind bird tickets will be withdrawn tonight!

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