Kill Off IE!

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Kill Off IE!

I stumbled across this web page today that tries to combat the IE6 problem by making it uncomfortable for the end user to use a site. They have dubbed this the Amelie approach to the IE6 problem.

What they are proposing is to add some trivial lines of JavaScript to a site that will cause the text on the site to motion blur slightly every few seconds. This still makes the site readable, but will quickly lead to the user having a headache.

Sounds like an interesting idea to me, it's less invasive than a full page banner or redirect, and you can just deny it and blame it on the almost certainly ageing hardware. The only issue I have is that I'm not quite ready to try it out on any of my client's sites!

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Totally unfair to those of us stuck with IE6 at work because 1. It takes years to get an upgrade through testing 2. We're sticking wih a stable platform until other things are sorted and everyone is up (yes brought UP) to that level after takeovers etc. 3. Government cutbacks mean less cash for upgrades. 4. It has to be done for everyone at once but at least we're testing IE8!
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Interesting blog
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No developer would submit (at least publicly ) to that idea and thus to this approach, (concerning client relations) but in private all of them (I bet every cent of mine ) they would shot instantly IE if they had a gun as such. IE is dedicated to make out life miserable and trivial and this is not an adventure and in political approach we have to pay ransom for our clients hostage.