Bash Commands To Generate Random Names

shuf /usr/share/dict/words | head -2 | tr "\n" " "; echo

This selects two random words from the local "words" dictionary and prints them out.

Some examples of this in action:

Perseid thorny 
wouldn't scow's 
sugar win 
archaism's scaliest 
quaintness's silvers 
Bermuda honeys
fortified congeniality's 
Corfu's slowness's 
isolationists tacitly 
sweetmeat's trochee's 
physicist's sprayer's 
fury radiogram's

Note that the words dictionary contains profanity, so be careful with the output.

If you want to remove the words with apostrophes then use this command.

shuf /usr/share/dict/words | grep -Ev "'" | head -2 | tr "\n" " "; echo

This generates output without quite so many possessive words.

thoughtfully footage 
delinquent commodities 
tragedian constant 
peeper ancient 
Vuitton modernists 
overreached voracity 
stampeding editions


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