Drupal 10: Render Item List

To print out a list of items use the item_list theme.

$items = [

$build['list_of_items'] = [
  '#theme' => 'item_list',
  '#title' => 'Some title',
  '#items' => $items,
  '#type' => 'ul',

This uses the item-list.html.twig template.

The above code will produce the following output.

<h3>Some title</h3>


Possible attributes are:

  • items - A list of items. Each item contains:
    • attributes: HTML attributes to be applied to each list item.
    • value: The content of the list element.
  • title: The title of the list.
  • list_type: The tag for list element ("ul" or "ol").
  • wrapper_attributes: HTML attributes to be applied to the list wrapper.
  • attributes: HTML attributes to be applied to the list.
  • empty: A message to display when there are no items. Allowed value is a string or render array.
  • context: A list of contextual data associated with the list. May contain:
    • list_style: The custom list style.

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