Find The Difference Between Two Arrays Of Objects In PHP

Use the array_udiff() function to create a unique array of objects from two lists of arrays.


class ValueObject {
    public int $value;
    public function __construct($value) {
        $this->value = $value;

$objects1 = [];
$objects1[] = new ValueObject(1);
$objects1[] = new ValueObject(2);
$objects1[] = new ValueObject(3);

$objects2 = [];
$objects2[] = new ValueObject(1);
$objects2[] = new ValueObject(2);

// Filter out any duplicate objects.
$uniqueObjects = array_udiff(
    function ($object1, $object2) {
        if ($object1 and $object2) {
            return $object1->value - $object2->value;


This prints the following.

    [2] => ValueObject Object
            [value] => 3


Our new array contains the object with the value of 3, which was only present in one of the original arrays.

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