Linux File System Root Directories

  • /bin - Command libraries essential for the running of the system.
  • /boot - Files required for system boot leader.
  • /dev - Device files.
  • /etc - System wide configuration files and host specification.
  • /home - User home directories.
  • /lib - Shared library modules.
  • /media - Media such as CD ROMs.
  • /mnt - Temporary mounted file systems, including USB devices.
  • /opt - Add on application software packages.
  • /proc - A virtual file system that provides information about the system's processes and kernel.
  • /root - Home directory for the root user.
  • /run - Runtime process data.
  • /sbin - System binaries.
  • /srv - Site specific data served by the system.
  • /sys - An interface to the kernel. Provides a filesystem-like view of information and configuration settings that the kernel provides.
  • /temp - Temporary files.
  • /usr - User binaries.
  • /var - Files that are expected to change often.

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