Practice Typing With These Typing Test Sites

Use these sites to practice typing. You can spend 10 to 20 minutes a day practising to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Useful if you are swapping to a different keyboard layout and want to improve without also doing work.

monkeytype ( - A clean and minimal typing tool that gives a count on number of words per minute and what your count is during the 30 second test. You can also practice words you get wrong and even create an account to see you progress over time.

Type Racer ( - A slightly different take on a typing test where you race against other users in a little game. It is quite advert driven, but certainly good fun.

Speed Coder ( - Practice typing by writing code, with a number of different languages available. This allows you to practice typing symbols, especially if you are using a non-standard keyboards.

keybr ( - A minimalist typing tutor that has a premium service to hide the adverts on the site. Different from the normal typing tutor this site gets you to type words (instead of just random letters) and so you can practice typing letters that you would use together.

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