UK Mechanical Keyboard Shops

Here are some UK mechanical keyboard shops that I frequent.

Ascend Keyboards

A custom keyboard site with a decent variety of keycaps and switches available.

Cable Cult

Made to order cables. Plus a selection of keyboards, keycaps, switches and other mechanical keyboard accessories.

Cable Lab 

Bespoke mechanical keyboard cable creation. Pick the parts and create your dream cable.

Cool Cable

A handmade cable service.

Computer Orbit

A computer store with a unique custom keyboard specifier.

Custom Keycaps

Mostly keycaps.

Esports Gear

Generic store with a wide selection of keyboards and mice.


Lots of keyboard accessories.


Lots of Keycron keyboards and a decent selection of custom keycaps, switches and other keyboard tools.

Krome Keycaps

Has a wide range of different keycaps for sale.


Lots of keyboards and a variety of keycaps and swtiches. A really good shop if you are looking for parts to build a keyboard.


Lots of different keycaps, switches, cable and other mechanical keyboard customizations.

Mech Keyboards 

A variety of different keyboards available, includeing Cougar, Ducky and Vortex.


Mainly specialists in keycaps, switches and other keyboard components and accessories.

Mech Supply

Group buys on specialist keycap sets.

Overlockers UK

A computer parts and accessories store. Also has a selection of pre-build keyboards.


Really good site that has a lot of unique group buys. Posts a lot on Instagram and is well worth a follow.

Protozoa Studio

Unique custom keyboards, switches, keycaps and desk mats.


A variety of different RGB keyboards, including a few split designs like Sol3 and Lily58.


A large variety of different switches, with some keycap sets and other accessories.

Terra Keycaps

Artisan keycaps and keycap sets, with some cool desk mats as well.

The Keyboard Company

Has a wide range of keyboards and mice. Even some assistive and industrial keyboards.

The Keycap Club

A variety of different keycaps and swtiches.

UK Keycaps

A small number of keycaps, but highliy unusual in that they sell a variety of ortholinear keycaps.


Have I missed any out? Please let me know in the comments and I'll add it to the list.

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