DrupalCampNW 2012 Videos

During DrupalCampNW 2012 last November the company we hired to record the sessions also spent some time interviewing the people who attended. From these interviews we were able to create three videos, two from the main event and one about what Drupal means to different people. These videos are now complete so I'm posting them here so everyone can see. I think they came out really well.

I would also like to thank Drupal Association, who very generously financed the creation and production of these videos.

DrupalCamp North West Business Day

DrupalCamp North West Business Day from DrupalCamp NW on Vimeo.

DrupalCamp North West 2012

DrupalCamp North West 2012 from DrupalCamp NW on Vimeo.

What Does Drupal Mean To Me?

What does Drupal mean to me? from DrupalCamp NW on Vimeo.

To me, Drupal means more than just a CMS or a framework. The core of Drupal is more like a starting block to a whole world of modules, themes, technologies, practices, services and people that make Drupal more than the sum of its parts. The community of people behind Drupal are amazing and some incredible work has been done to make Drupal the enterprise class software it is today. The future of Drupal looks good, especially with the amazing work going into the next version of Drupal.

When I first started using Drupal I had just started a new job and was dropped into the deep end of a half finished Drupal 6 project that needed to be completed. After working through the project for a couple of weeks I found out about the local user Drupal group in Manchester (NWDUG). After just a few minutes of talking through the issues I was having I went away with some ideas about how to solve them and was able to complete the project. I now help to run NWDUG and try to do the same thing for other people either by directly helping them or by pointing them to the correct resource. If you have a local user group then I urge you to get involved, you will learn so much just by being there that it will make it worth the trip. If you don't have a local user group then maybe you can start one? All you need is a venue and a couple of other people and you can at least get together once a month and talk about your Drupal problems.

What does Drupal mean to you? Post a comment below and tell us.

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