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JS Bin

12th March 2009 - 2 minutes read time

JS Bin is an online tool that allows you to test JavaScript without having to muck about with files. You can just quickly cut and paste some code in and view the output. It is even possible to make the code you are looking at public and then use this as part of an ajax call in another instance of the application.

To get you started there is a nice help section, which also includes a couple of videos.

Firefox JavaScript Debugging And Development With Firebug

3rd May 2008 - 2 minutes read time

Firebug is by far the best JavaScript debugging plug-in available for Firefox. I have been stuck on a few problems in the past and Firebug has usually provided me with a reason as to why things are going wrong. In fact when developing for other browsers (like Internet Explorer) I can feel a little blind as there are no debugging tools with the power and features of Firebug. It can allow you to stop JavaScript execution at any time using breakpoints.