Wordpress 3.0 Released!

It's been a while in the making but yesterday saw the release of the latest major version of Wordpress. I had a feeling it would be pretty soon as there as the final release candidate (RC3) was released last week. You can the Wordpress 3.0 download page below:

Download Wordpress 3.0

So what's new in Wordpress 3.0? Well plenty of stuff, but most notably Wordpress now supports custom post types. I have been looking at this feature with quite a bit of interest over the past couple of months. What has been frustrating was trying to figure out how it worked whilst the underlying code was changing. Now that Version 3.0 is now stable I will be looking into this in more detail and will be writing a couple of blog posts about it when I have enough material together.

Other features include new theme APIs a new default theme that supports those APIs (called Twenty Ten), a new menu creation/management system and taxonomies.

Finally, although I didn't go through every contributor on the Wordpress 3.0 announcement post I did spot a friend of mine in the list. So I just wanted to say well done to Benoit Gilloz and the rest of the committers and contributors for your contribution work on Wordpress 3.0!

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