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Adding The autocomplete Attribute To Forms And Password Fields In Drupal 6

22nd February 2012 - 5 minutes read time

Many modern browsers now come with auto-complete functionality so that users can fill in their details quickly without having to type in their username and password every time they want to log on. This can be turned off by adding the attribute "autocomplete" to the form and password elements and setting its value to 'off'.

Setting the autocomplete attribute to off on password fields (and forms containing password fields) can add an added level of security to your Drupal site. This is especially important as if the computer is stolen it is more likely to contain saved passwords that will allow access to sensitive systems. So turning this feature off might be beneficial for certain systems, especially those with very sensitive information.

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How To Change No Search Results Text In Drupal 6

2nd February 2012 - 3 minutes read time

Every Drupal project I finish will usually have the same request at some point. This usually happens when the client tries to do a search that produces no results and sees the search hinting text about blue smurfs.

The text about blue smurfs that is printed when there are no search results is called directly in the search module so it isn't possible to edit or override it. The solution is to use the theme_box() theme hook and override the text just before it is sent to the page. Just drop the following code into your theme.php file, rename the function to fit your theme and clear your caches.

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Adding Reset Password Support To Drupal 6 Password Recovery Email

3rd January 2012 - 4 minutes read time

Drupal is capable of sending out a few different emails to users depending on different actions. The emails can be customised quite nicely with usernames, passwords, email addresses and other things by using a set of tokens. The password recovery email states that you can use the "!password" token to send the user their new password, but after a few tests I found that this token doesn't get replaced when the email is sent out.

The simplest solution here is just to remove this token from the description for this email. However, if you do want to allow user's to reset (and receive) their passwords by using this form then there are a couple of simple things you can do.

The first thing to be done is alter the user_pass form so that it uses a custom submit function that we will write. Add the following form hook to a module (or create your own for this purpose).

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Drupal 6 Form Elements Example Module

21st September 2011 - 10 minutes read time

During my work developing Drupal sites I am quite often asked if I can provide a example of form elements for designers. This is so that they can test their designs with all possible form elements that might appear in a Drupal install and make sure that the theme we create will be robust and future proof. I often find myself forgetting how to create, say, a multi select element and needed a sort of cheat sheet that I could look form elements up on.

To this end I sat down and created a list of all of the Drupal form elements and packaged them into a module so that when the path 'form_elements' is loaded a very large form with lots of elements will be rendered. There is even a tabledrag form component in there, which is used quite a bit within the Drupal administration pages.

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Remove Input Formats Help In Drupal 6

30th August 2011 - 3 minutes read time

The input format help text is a good way of telling your users about the sort of content that they can enter into any text area. For some users, however, they can get in the way a little and even cause confusion, especially when WYISYG editors are used as much of the help text will be quite useless to most users.

The input format section is controlled by the Filter module, which is built into Drupal core, and it comes with a couple of handy hooks that allow control over this section. The filter tips section is split into two parts, the actual filter tips text itself and the more info link below the tips. If you want to remove these then just pop the following into your theme template.php file and change the function names accordingly.

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Logging In As Superuser In Drupal 6 SimpleTest

19th May 2011 - 5 minutes read time

Sometimes the most complex part of using SimpleTest is making sure that everything is working as it should before you start your tests. This means setting up the correct modules and creating the correct content types in advance. Because SimpleTest works by issuing CURL requests to pages the most reliable way of doing certain tasks is to use the administration forms as you normally would. Taking an example, if you want to enable a block from a module you should submit the block form, adding the blocks you need to the various different regions this like.

// Enable the different blocks
$blocks = array(
    'my_awesome_block' => 'header'

$this->drupalPost('admin/build/block', $blocks, 'Save blocks');

However, if you haven't given the current user 'administer blocks' access, or have forgotten to log them in, then you will get an access denied error when you try to do this.

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Drupal 6 Upload Module Reference Warnings

16th May 2011 - 5 minutes read time

I was testing out a new Drupal project build and found this strange error when uploading files to nodes using the Upload module. This error produced a lot of warning messages that appeared on the screen (in the process alarming my project manager) but appeared to have no impact on the actual function of the module, or the file uploaded. Essentially, when a file was uploaded the following errors were produced.

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Automatically Copying The Node Title To The Menu Title In Drupal 6

13th April 2011 - 4 minutes read time

One new feature of Drupal 7 is that any title you give a node will be copied to the menu title field when you create a menu item. I wanted to replicate this functionality in Drupal 6 and so I created a function that did just that. I have used this function a few times in different projects so I'm posting it here.

This code uses the drupal_add_js() function to push a small amount of JavaScript code into the page when a node is added or edited. The hook hook_init() is used to add this content as it is run very early on in the Drupal boot cycle. I have tried putting this code into other hooks (like hook_preprocess_page()) but it isn't included, I would look into this further but this solution seems to work well.

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Overriding Drupal 6 Automatic Select Element Validation

29th March 2011 - 10 minutes read time

Whilst creating a large and complex form in Drupal 6 recently I hit upon a problem that took me a couple of hours to solve so I am posting the solution here in case anyone else gets similarly stuck. I am also writing this down so that I can remember the strategy in case I have to do the same thing again.

What I was doing was creating an event booking form. The form allowed users to select from a number of times slots in a select list, but each time had a limited number of bookings. When the user submitted the form and all allocated slots for their selected time were fully booked they were shown a message asking them to select a different time slot. The original time was removed from the select list so that the user didn't try to select it again. This was fine and it all worked as expected but when this happened I also got the following error message from Drupal.

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Drupal 6: List Selection Zero Value Fix

7th March 2011 - 4 minutes read time

I discovered a little issue recently with the Profile module in Drupal 6 and after finding the solution I thought I would post it here in case it helps anyone else.

The problem occurs when using the list selection form item in a specific way. This form item works find for just about every situation, except one special case. Lets assume that you wanted to ask a user a question which requires a number between zero and four; you enter the following into the selection options box.


This is saved fine, but when the form is rendered it doesn't actually print out the option to select 0, which is odd as the value is definitely saved in the database and can be reedited in the form admin.

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