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MySQL Event Scheduler

30th March 2009 - 8 minutes read time

A new feature in MySQL version 5.1.6 is the addition of events. These can be either a single event or a schedule, both of which can be given multiple commands to run.

First, you need to make sure that the event scheduler is running. To do this, open up MySQL query browser (or similar) and run the following MySQL command.


If the event scheduler you will see a row in the output that looks like this:

Id, User, Host, db, Command, Time, State, Info
120, 'event_scheduler', 'localhost', '', 'Daemon', 242, 'Waiting on empty queue', ''

Turning the event scheduler on and off is quite straightforward and can be done as a MySQL command, or as a parameter when starting the server, or even in an ini file. To turn the scheduler on as a MySQL command run the following:

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