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Drupal 7: Setting Default Value For A Field

30th March 2013 - 8 minutes read time

I was recently working on a module that contained a content type as a feature. When the module was enabled the hook_install() hook set up a collection of taxonomy terms which were used within the content type as a field. Whilst testing this out I realised that although the terms were installed correctly the default value of the field changed depending on which system the module was installed on. The reason for this was that the term ID was being used to pull out the default term from the database, which is the normal behaviour in Drupal. The problem here was that if a term the ID of the term was different (because one had been added) then this had a knock-on effect of changing the default value of the field.

To get around this I needed a way of setting the default value of the field based on a given taxonomy term. After some research and reading of the Drupal source code I found a way to programatically set the default value of a taxonomy field.

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