Set An IP Address From The Command Prompt In Windows

19th November 2008 - 4 minutes read time

Rather than use the old connection properties dialog in Windows you can open up a command prompt and use the netsh to set up all sorts of network specific settings. The most useful part of this is that you can create a bat file that will allow you to quickly change your local IP address very quickly.

To see a list of the network connections available you can use the following command.

netsh interface show interface

This runs the netsh program, in the interface context, and shows the interfaces available. There are lots of other contexts to chose from, just type netsh and then ? to see a list of commands. If you type in netsh and hit enter key you will see the prompt change to netsh meaning that you are in that program mode. Just type exit or bye to exit.

You can also ask for information about individual interfaces by using the name parameter.

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