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Creating Custom User Admin Actions In Drupal 7 Organic Groups

26th January 2013 - 9 minutes read time

Organic Groups (OG) in Drupal 7 has a role based permission system that works on a group by group basis. This permissions system works separately to the main Drupal permission system, which can cause a couple of issues. For example, if you want to give a group role access to give other users roles then you'll need to give them the 'Administer groups' permission. The downside of this is that it overrides Drupal's core permissions to do with node deletion and allows the role to delete the group. Allowing any user to delete groups can lead to all sorts of problems so an alternative is needed.

The group people admin page (found at group/node/%nid%/admin/people) has a bulk operations form that allows users with access to the form to manage user group membership. To allow or deny a member a user just needs to select them from the list, select the action required and click Update. Here is the select statement from that page.

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