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Using Different Loggers In Phing

17th November 2009 - 9 minutes read time

When you run a phing script it will print things out to the console. These messages are either system messages (eg. BUILD STARTED) or echo messages that you have put into your build.xml file. All of this output is controlled and created by a logger file. The default logger is called (unsurprisingly) DefaultLogger and will be used as a default. There are a few different types of logger available, all of which can be found in the listener folder in your PEAR\phing directory.

To select a different logger script to be used just use the -logger flag in your phing call. To specify the DefaultLogger use the following:

phing -logger phing.listener.DefaultLogger

To specify an XML logger that will create an XML document of the phing events that occurred in the current working directory use the XmlLogger logger.

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