Firefox JavaScript Debugging And Development With Firebug

Firebug is by far the best JavaScript debugging plug-in available for Firefox. I have been stuck on a few problems in the past and Firebug has usually provided me with a reason as to why things are going wrong. In fact when developing for other browsers (like Internet Explorer) I can feel a little blind as there are no debugging tools with the power and features of Firebug. It can allow you to stop JavaScript execution at any time using breakpoints.

Firefox JavaScript Debugging And Development With Firebug

Firebug is important if you are creating AJAX applications as it will tell you about every client/server communication, what headers where sent and what the response was.

Aside from the decent JavaScript features there are also a host of HTML and CSS features that allow you to edit styling code on the page in real-time or inspect a portion of the page for HTML and style information.

The only thing wrong with the program is that it can slow down some sites like Gmail, but you can turn it off for any site you wish. If you haven't tried Firebug I suggest that you give it a go.

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