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Extend The str_word_count Function In PHP

22nd January 2008 - 6 minutes read time

The str_word_count() function in PHP does exactly what is says it does. The default of this function is to simply count the number of words present. Take the following string.

$str = "This is a 'string' containing m0re than one word. This is a 'string' containing m0re than one word.";

If we pass this to the str_word_count() function with no other parameters we get the number of words.

echo str_word_count($str); // prints 20

The second parameter is the type of value returned from the function. The default value is 0, but 1 and 2 are also available. Using 1 as the second parameters returns an array containing all the words found inside the string. Using 2 returns an associative array, where the key is the numeric position of the word inside the string and the value is the actual word itself. Here are the results from setting the second parameter to 1.

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Does A String In PHP Contain A Number?

24th December 2007 - 3 minutes read time

The is_numeric() function in PHP can be used to see if a number contained in a string is numeric. The function returns true is the variable can be parsed into a string, otherwise it returns false. Here are some examples:

is_numeric('five')  // returns false
is_numeric(123); // returns true
is_numeric('123'); //  returns true
is_numeric(-123); //  returns true
is_numeric('-123'); //  returns true
is_numeric('123.4'); //  returns true
is_numeric('1,234'); //  returns false

Notice that if your number has a thousand separator in it the function will return false. In this case you need to use the str_replace() function to strip out the commas before passing the value into is_numeric(0).

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