Posts about the client side scripting language JavaScript.

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Multiple Google Analytics On Same Page

10th January 2008 - 2 minutes read time

To set up multiple Google Analytics tags on the same page you need to use the _uff = false; command in between the unchinTracker() calls to reset the tracker for the next account. The urchinTracker() function will send information on the page visit off to Google Analytics.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
  _uacct = "UA-XXXXX"; // First account details
  _uff = 0; // Reset tracker for second account
  _uacct = "UA-YYYYY"; // Second account details

You can do this for as many accounts as you like, but be aware that there will come a point when there will be a noticeable delay on the site when the calls to Google Analytics are done so don't do too many.

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Postponing Code Running In JavaScript

4th January 2008 - 5 minutes read time

Creating user interfaces in JavaScript can sometimes lead to a problem, especially when the interface used AJAX to load data from the server. As many actions will be event driven by the user you can find that when a user triggers lots of events all at once the browser will send out lots of AJAX requests all at once. This can easily cause bandwidth issues but can also lead to the user getting confused while they patiently await the browser to settle down and let them get on with things.

There are numerous way to get around this issue, the first being to design programs so that AJAX requests are only issued when the user has clicked on something or when they start typing

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For Loop Debugging In JavaScript

3rd January 2008 - 6 minutes read time

The for loop in JavaScript can be used to iterate through all items in an array or properties of an object. This makes looping through any object or array very easy. As in the following example that printing out all items in an array.

var count = '';
var numbers = new Array(3);
numbers[0] = 42;
numbers[1] = 13;
numbers[2] = 73;
for(i in numbers){
  count += numbers[i]+' ';

The three main objects to do with a JavaScript are navigator, window and document. Although window is part of navigator and document is part of window. So to print off all information to do with a browser you can do the following. Note that some items in window and document can cause JavaScript to crash in some browsers so some error detection is included here.