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Langton's Ant In JavaScript

22nd June 2020 - 11 minutes read time

After looking at Conway's game of life I have been looking at other forms of cellular automata. This lead me to discover Langton's ant, which is a different kind of cellular automata where an agent (namely an ant) is used to turn the squares on or off as it travels around a grid.

The rules of Langton's ant are quite simple. The ant simply follows two rules as it moves around the grid.

  • At a white square, turn 90° clockwise, flip the colour of the square, move forward one unit.
  • At a black square, turn 90° counter-clockwise, flip the colour of the square, move forward one unit.

This can be represented in code by looking at the current state of the square that the ant is stood on and then performing an action. Movement in a particular direction is achieved by adding or subtracting from the x or y coordinates depending on which way the ant is pointing.

External Script Files And Printing Objects With Flex

6th November 2008 - 4 minutes read time

Yesterday I talked about using the Flex Script element to run code within the mxml file, you can also use the source attribute of the Script element to reference external files. To create an external script file FlashDevelop go to the File->New and select Blank Document. You can also do this by pressing Ctrl+N. This will create a blank document that you must save into your src folder of your project with the extension as. Note that if you call this file "" then you must reference this in your script tag like this.