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Drawing Hitomezashi Stitch Patterns With Tkinter Canvas In Python

26th December 2021 - 9 minutes read time

Inspired by a YouTube video I saw on awesome Numberphile channel about how to draw hitomezashi stitch patterns I decided to recreate them in Python with the aid of the Tkinter Canvas element. The pattern is quite simple and is an example of simple rules creating complex patterns, which I have an interest in.

The idea behind hitomezashi stitch patterns is to take two sets of numbers and draw lines on a grid. One set of numbers is the horizontal and one set is the vertical lines of the grid. The lines drawn are dashed but the key difference is that each start of the line is offset from the start depending on a certain factor. In the video Ayliean MacDonald uses letters of a phrase and offsets the start of the line if the letter is a vowel. She also uses the numbers of pi and offsets if the line if the number is odd.

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Drawing Shapes With The Tkinter Canvas Element In Python

24th October 2021 - 16 minutes read time

The Canvas element that comes with Tkinter is quite versatile. Out of the box you can draw simple basic shapes like squares and circles, but also lines and more complex shapes made up of points. You can even add text and images to the canvas.

This article will go through all of the different types of items you can draw using the Tkinter Canvas object.

Before getting into that, it's important to understand how coordinates are used on a canvas object. Drawing items on a canvas requires the use of an x and y coordinate to pinpoint where the item is to be drawn. All points are relative to the top left hand corner, so a coordinate of 0,0 would be right in the top left corner.

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Langton's Ant In JavaScript

22nd June 2020 - 12 minutes read time

After looking at Conway's game of life I have been looking at other forms of cellular automata. This lead me to discoverĀ Langton's ant, which is a different kind of cellular automata where an agent (namely an ant) is used to turn the squares on or off as it travels around a grid.

The rules of Langton's ant are quite simple. The ant simply follows two rules as it moves around the grid.

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External Script Files And Printing Objects With Flex

6th November 2008 - 5 minutes read time

Yesterday I talked about using the Flex Script element to run code within the mxml file, you can also use the source attribute of the Script element to reference external files. To create an external script file FlashDevelop go to the File->New and select Blank Document. You can also do this by pressing Ctrl+N. This will create a blank document that you must save into your src folder of your project with the extension as. Note that if you call this file "" then you must reference this in your script tag like this.

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