PHPNW 08 Conference

The PHPNW conference was this weekend, and 8 members of staff from my company showed up to support the PHP community and learn a couple of things along the way. The conference consisted of 174 attendees, with 12 sessions hosted by 16 speakers.

The talks ranged from simple usability and design to getting started in Drupal and they were all well researched, planned and executed. I was especially impressed with the 3D timeline used in the Twittex talk.

The two talks that stood out for me where the Introduction to the Zend Framework and HTML to Drupal in 30 minutes. I will definitely be looking into these two products, and perhaps even buying a book on the Zend Framework.

There was also a panel discussion who were asked some questions from members of the audience. This included a question about the namespace separator in PHP 5.3 which is the backslash (\). I have been watching the backlash to this decision recently and I am on the side of the PHP developers. Apart from the fact that there is literally no other character to be used it just makes sense. The backslash character is used in Windows to separate directories and it makes sense to put your libraries in a directory structure and reference them using directory slashes.

If you went to the event and want to leave feedback then take a look a the PHPNW08 Page at Joind In.

If you are interested in finding out more about the PHPNW group then take a look at the PHPNW group website.

I would like to thank Jeremy Coates (aka phpcodemonkey) for creating and organizing this fantastic event and having the best PHP themed haircut I have seen. We would also like to thank everyone who took part and we look forward to not only the event next year, but the PHPNW socials each month.


I's been a few days since the event and some of the slides have been released. So I thought I was add some links to those slides here.

If you find any more then post a comment and let us know.

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