Debug Your PHP Applications With Krumo

Krumo is an open source plugin for your programs that is designed as a replacement to print_r() and var_dump(). These functions are used by developers (myself included) to find out what the program is doing. The main problem is that if there is a lot of data to look at the page can get a bit busy.


Krumo solves this by simplifying the output into a more readable format. It tells you the format of the array or object item and any other information that it can gain. It also puts the data into a set of clickable sections so that if you are interested in a particular section of output then you can click on it and see only that section.

This tool only has three files, the PHP code to integrate it into your projects, the JavaScript to create the clickable elements and the CSS to give the output some style. It is definitely worth a look.

Notable integrations of Krumo include the Devel module in Drupal, which produces debug output using Krumo.


Hi, I am the developer of Krumo, and I wanted to say "Thank you!" for the kind words ;) I am happy that you find it useful, and that you took the time to write this post about it.

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